The #TomyStyle campaign was launched to celebrate a continuous movement.

A movement in which Tomy Takkies can honour and showcase unique individuals who are pioneers in their lives. These young South Africans live life by their rules, stay true to themselves through being their own brand ambassadors and aren’t afraid of expressing their own unique, creative style.

South Africa is bursting with a variety of talent, so to find the hottest, local creative talent, we really needed to put on our magnifying glasses. The winners were carefully selected as being ambassadors of their own lives; style and having a unique outlook on the world in which they live.

The shoot was located in the vibrant Precinct of Maboneng, in downtown Johannesburg which is a creative hub, empowering the community by providing avenues and platforms to showcase and join the creative movement in South Africa.

The style team consisted of accomplished individuals within their respective fields of fashion styling, make-up and photography. Our search was intense but fortunately we managed to find the right people and they were as excited as we were to be an integral part of the most amazing project for Tomy Takkies thus far.

Our #TomyStyle winners were selected based on the images that were posted to our various social media pages, using #TomyStyle. The submissions needed to include the entrant in an outfit that expressed their personal style and featuring of course, our beloved Tomy Takkies. Entries were received from all over our beautiful country and after much needed deliberation our winners were chosen; Chad Moses, Nomalungelo Shandu, Sello Sonkosi, Motjagaleray Molongwana and Ntswaki Mohlakoana.

The energy was high and all parties involved were smiling, excitedly taking selfies and getting to know one another and the proof is in the pudding… Keep watching, the photos are coming soon. And remember to keep expressing your #TomyStyle and celebrating each other’s individuality and creative expression.


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