We’re bringing in the cool with tips on the latest winter must-haves.

Welcome to Winter in South Africa, where you’re still trying to decide if what you’re wearing will keep you warm, comfortable and still be functional.

South African weather can be awful when trying to dress for the day. You’ll peek out your window in the morning, use your weather app, open the door to feel how chilly it’ll be, but you’ll still get it wrong most of the time.

Luckily there are a few items you can cop this season to stay on trend without worrying that you’re overdoing it.

Bomber jackets – We’re saving these for date night. Throw on your bomber jacket, pull on some white skinny jeans and hit the movies. You’ll be able to keep warm when the cinema AC kicks in to freeze your slush puppy, and you’ll feel comfortable in it when your soon-to-be boo walks you back to your car for that goodnight kiss!

Pink – Pink is the new black, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Now we’re not saying cover yourself in pink from head to toe, but throw on that pink cardigan with the cute little cats or add some class in a pair of pastel pink leggings. You’ll feel 16 again and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with forgetting about student debt or grown-up things.

The turtleneck – Thank you Simon Cowell! Surprisingly, they’re not only limited to British judges of reality talent shows. The turtleneck is going big this season. If you see one, grab it, and grab it fast before all the tweens catch on and buy them before you, making you look outdated for only catching on in 2017.

Bling – Just because it’s a lil’ chilly in the mornings, there’s no reason why you can’t be flashing a little sparkle here and there. We’re not talking about turning every finger into a shimmering, reflective surface, but some elegant pieces can really turn your outfit into a winter dream.

Fingerless gloves – You’ll only need these for those early morning texts while waiting in line to get your morning coffee fix. Fingerless gloves will allow you catch up with your girls about what you missed out on the night before, when you were on that date in your cute bomber jacket.

Now that you’ve read this, pour a cup of hot chocolate, leave your thoughts in the comments below aaaaand, you’re welcome.

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